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Achieved 1.5 Million+ Push Deliveries in 1 Minute

These tests were conducted in a low-cost shared cloud, the specifications of which are below.

  • 1 GB ddr4 RAM

  • 1 Vcore CPU

  • 40 MB/s network speed

  • 20 GB SSD cached storage

A robust set of features

Take a look at our amazing features designed specifically with publishers in mind, catering to their unique needs.

Auto token refreshing

Introducing our unique auto token refreshing feature in our self-hosted solution! Say goodbye to expired users as our system automatically filters them out, keeping your active users list refreshed and up-to-date without manual intervention.

Migrate and Modernize

Unlock our Self-Hosted platform’s Import and Export feature, allowing seamless migration of users from any push provider effortlessly to our service. Our robust service worker ensures the capability to send pushes efficiently to the imported user base, simplifying your transition process.

Numerous features are available, hard to list here !


We are here to address publishers’ challenges and elevate their product development with our advanced push platform.

Single firebase setup 01

Every time you add a new website, there’s no need for a separate Firebase setup. Our platform seamlessly operates on single Firebase.

No Limitation 02

There are no limits on our platform! Add unlimited domains, run limitless campaigns, and collect unlimited users as long as you need.

Intigration in 2 click !! 03

You can set up your push notifications on your new site with just 2 clicks using a single line of code.

Data Privacy & Ownership 04

In Dedicated Push Hosting, you have complete ownership of your data, allowing you to import or export it anytime, anywhere as per your convenience.

Scalability 05

Our platform is entirely scalable, empowering you to increase push sending speed by enhancing server specifications as needed.

AMP powered 06

Our push platform is AMP-powered, with a setup process designed for seamless integration with AMP.

Non-HTTPS Support 07

You can use our platform on non-HTTPS websites, and it allows the collection of users from non-HTTPS sites as well.

WordPress Plugin 08

Our platform also provides a WordPress plugin, enabling you to send push notifications upon post publication effortlessly.

Affordable 09

We offer all these features at a very affordable price, requiring just a one-time payment for access to these functionalities.

Reasons to choose Our selfhost

Great Analytics !

Explore comprehensive analytics on our platform: a 30-day user graph, campaign insights, detailed push stats, and user demographics by state, country, website, and OS. gaining deeper insights effortlessly.

  • 30-day user overview graph

  • 30-day campaign overview

  • Push statistics

  • User demographics: State, Country, Website, OS

Access the last 30 days’ user overview effortlessly using our powerful API, designed to simplify your data retrieval process.

The Best Solutions for publishers


Just add the feed URL, and our system will automatically crawl new articles, sending push notifications to users without manual intervention.

Campaign cloning

Publishers can clone their old campaigns, saving time and effort while effectively reusing previous strategies.

Welcome Push

Welcome Push” feature on our platform allows you to greet and engage new users as they join your platform or website.


Frequently Asked Questions

Zestpush has launched a self hosted plan that involves establishing a dedicated server exclusively for individual users. This customized server houses the Zestpush engine, enabling users to send limitless push notifications and gather an unrestricted number of users without any imposed boundaries.

Yes, you can utilize ZestPush Dedicated Host for sending unlimited pushes, collecting an unlimited number of users, and adding an unlimited number of domains.

In the ZestPush self-host plan, all the features available in the premium plan are included. This plan comes with premium features and allows users the flexibility to host their dedicated push platform.

ZestPush self-host plan has no specific sending limit. It operates on a Node.js platform, enabling high push sending speeds without limitations. We have successfully sent over 1.5 million+ pushes per second on lower-grade servers.

ZestPush’s self-host plan differs from other providers’ self-hosting primarily due to its various features. These include capabilities like expired tokens filtering, seamless migration without changing the service worker, exceptionally fast sending speeds, and more, ensuring enhanced performance and efficiency in push notification operations.