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Ignite Audience, with Zestful push !

ZestPush: The leading web push notification platform, offering amazing plans customized for your requirements. Start with our unbeatable plans today!

Use Lifetime for free plan

Pay as you go premium plan

PAY ONCE and use unlimited selfhost plan

High-impact features
that make Zestpush special

Our platform is designed to re-engage your visitors effectively. With an array of dynamic tools and personalized options, we ensure unparalleled re-engagement strategies.

Ultra fast delivery

Our chunk-based sending platform leads the race in lightning-fast push delivery.

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WordPress Plugin

Our WordPress plugin enables you to send custom pushes on post publish.Its also have 30 days user chart.

Advanced Analytics

Track 30-day user charts, pinpoint users by country, state, browser, and OS, all while monitoring push performance.

Rss to Push

Automatically detect new URLs within RSS feeds and promptly send pushes, ensuring timely updates.

Amp powered

Enhance audience engagement with AMP integration! Our platform offers seamless integration for AMP.

Powerful REST APIs

Empower your strategy with robust REST APIs! Easily send customized pushes and access detailed user analytics.


We are here to address publishers’ challenges and elevate their product development with our advanced push platform.

DND mode 01

We’ve introduced DND (Magic Mode), allowing you to limit notifications for users to only the latest selected count, enhancing their notification experience.

Renew old push 02

We offer a feature to renew old pushes, making it easy to refresh previously sent notifications that may need updates or corrections.

Intigration in 1 click !! 03

You can set up your push notifications on your new site with just 1 clicks using a single line of code.

Selfhost Plan 04

In Dedicated Push Hosting, you have complete ownership of your data, allowing you to import or export it anytime, anywhere as per your convenience.

Import Export 05

Our platform fully supports import and export functionalities, allowing you to seamlessly import pushes from any provider onto our platform.

Non-HTTPS Support 06

You can use our platform on non-HTTPS websites, and it allows the collection of users from non-HTTPS sites as well.

Reasons to choose Zestpush !

Great Analytics !

Explore comprehensive analytics on our platform: a 30-day user graph, campaign insights, detailed push stats, and user demographics by state, country, website, and OS. gaining deeper insights effortlessly.

  • 30-day user overview graph

  • 30-day campaign overview

  • Push statistics

  • User demographics: State, Country, Website, OS

Access the last 30 days’ user overview effortlessly using our powerful API, designed to simplify your data retrieval process.

Use Zestful API’s

To utilize ZestPush’s API, pass your credentials in the header as shown in the example below:

header = {
     "userid": "<your user id>",
     "siteid": "<your site id>",
     "key": "<activation key>"

About Our Plans!

Lifetime free !!

Embark on a journey of unlimited possibilities with our lifetime free plan, catering to users with up to 10,000 subscribers at absolutely no cost. Send up to 15 push notifications daily, completely free of charge. Join us on this journey as we empower you with unparalleled freedom!

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Affordable Business Plans

Get ready for our latest offering designed to fit your budget seamlessly. Our new monthly subscription plan starts at just $0.99, making it the most affordable option in the market. Say goodbye to rigid monthly commitments and hello to a flexible plan tailored to your needs. Enjoy access to premium features without the burden of fixed monthly payments.

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Pay Once, Use Forever (Selfhost)

Explore our Self/Dedicated Host Plan – a one-time payment for unlimited usage! Enjoy the freedom to create limitless campaigns, build unlimited segments, and harness a multitude of powerful features without any additional charges. Experience ultimate flexibility and control with no constraints on your outreach and engagement strategies

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Pricing Plan

Pricing is as Friendly as Our Notifications! It’s Pushing Limits, Not Wallets!

Business Plans

Best solution for ecommerce and business websites.

from $0.99 / monthly

Premium plan’s Features

  •   All features available
  •   Unlimited notifications
  •   Unlimited website
  •   Unlimited users
  •   DND mode
  •   Segmentation (9+ properties)
  •   Rich API support
  •   Automation (RSS to push)
  •   Campaign report and cloning
  •   AMP and wordpress plugin
  •   Intigration in all platform
  •   Import export tokens
  •   Upgrade Credit Adjustment
  •   Premium support

Most Popular

Lifetime Free

You can choose Businee or Selfhost plan after 10,000 users.

$0 / Free forever

Free plan features

  •   All features available
  •   Unlimited websites
  •   Daily 15 push limit
  •   Unlimited users
  •   DND mode
  •   Segmentation (9+ properties)
  •   Rich API support
  •   Automation (RSS to push)
  •   Campaign report and cloning
  •   AMP and wordpress plugin
  •   Intigration in all platform
  •   Import export tokens
  •   Upgrade plan after 10,000
  •   Lifetime free use
Selfhosted Plan

for high users websites, news publications and social marketing.

$480 $899/ One time

self-hosted push features

  •   All features available
  •   Filter expired token
  •   Import export tokens
  •   Every-thing unlimited
  •   DND mode
  •   Segmentation (9+ properties)
  •   Rich API support
  •   Automation (RSS to push)
  •   Campaign report and cloning
  •   AMP and wordpress plugin
  •   Intigration in all platform
  •   Host on dedicate server
  •   Microservice based software
  •   Min. 50Bn+ push delivery

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us anytime.

If you have any questions or are facing any issues, feel free to contact us without hesitation.
Currently, our platform is in the development phase, so phone support is available only in Hindi, while chat support is available in both English and Hindi.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Push notifications are concise messages delivered by apps or websites to users’ devices, offering immediate updates, reminders, or information, even when the app or website is not active

Push notifications are vital for businesses and websites as they allow direct communication with users, keeping them engaged with timely updates, promotions, and reminders.

ZestPush stands out from other push providers as we prioritize individualized service for each client. Offering free, premium, and self-host plans, we cater to diverse client needs, ensuring a personalized experience.

Yes, ZestPush notifications are designed to work across various devices and platforms, ensuring compatibility and functionality across a wide range of devices including smartphones, tablets, and computers running different operating systems like iOS, Android, Windows, and more.

Yes, you can use ZestPush completely free without any limitations.

Yes, ZestPush empowers users to customize their plan based on their requirements. You can create your own affordable plan according to your user limit and daily push limit needs.

Yes, ZestPush provides a self-host plan specifically designed for publishers sending a higher volume of notifications. It offers a dedicated push platform hosted separately, allowing unlimited usage.